Love what we do. Do what we love.

We love solving problems in healthcare. As patients, as family members of patients and as invited observers in hundreds of healthcare settings, we have witnessed first-hand the seemingly impossible technology challenges in healthcare.

It’s never really work at HealthSpaces as we love what we do, turning providers’ and patients’ ideas into useful tools.  We value aptitude for learning, teamwork, decision making, getting 'stuff' done, and being business savvy.  While we are serious about our work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Who we are

We are a small collective of forward thinking smart creatives based in Denver, Colorado. We are designers, developers, parents, gamers, jokers and experts in our professions. We value showing progress over talking about progress.  Just ordinary people who strive to create extraordinary results.

What we do

We create useful solutions for providers and their patients, from in-clinic mobile applications to data center server farms. This includes large-scale project roll-outs, network and security implementations, creation of clinic software and more. Top notch quality solutions are the main thing we care about and demonstrate.

Why we do it

Simply because we love doing what we are doing and are best at it. We love a beautiful digital world, and it starts with every single product we maintain, create and/or install. It’s our destiny to make you great.


The Problem

Technology has failed healthcare due to...


Lack of Usefulness

caused by: focus on features, lack of interoperability, constantly changing governance, inability to adapt to new technologies.

High Costs

caused by: inefficient design, flawed integrations, inflexible technologies, providers having to foot the bill.

Outdated Market Strategies

caused by: reliance on providers to foot the bill, national sales approaches, feature-selling and lack of understanding in the value of interactions and data.


The Solution

Sustainability.  Usefulness.  Transparency.

Technology Strategies

Co-development and implementation of technology governance, as well as, technology plans with associated budgets.

People Operations

Systems, infrastructure, networking, software and operations all delivered using Agile frameworks.

HealthSpaces Platform

A comprehensive suite of stakeholder-designed software, comprising the new healthcare ecosystem.


The Team

Our team is made up of talented, passionate, creative people who really believe technology will help change healthcare.

Karen Radcliffe

Karen Radcliffe


propeller of teams producing enterprise customer-centric technology harnessing Agile, Holocracy, and Teal fundamentals

Rob Kenifi

Rob Kenific


enables people to reach their full potential and desired results using Life & Agile Coach techniques - aka the mad man

Marion Jenkins

Marion Jenkins


90+ years experience in healthcare sector; combining a specialization in HIPAA security with unique geographic based market strategies

Jeff Gelina

Jeff Gelina


change agent across multiple disciplines, teams and decision makers establishing efficient technology patterns and practices


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Should you have any questions concerning our products, services or other topics, please feel free to contact us.
1381 Kalamath St. Unit 101, Denver, CO 80204
+1 (720) 515-6892

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